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rental assistance and grants available

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Inspiration   in reply to tiger1958
I can't imagine throwing someone out on the streets just because they couldn't pay rent. I couldn't be a landlord, because I could never bring myself to put people out because they are struggling. Unfortunately, it's all about money and some people just don't care as long as they get their money.

Has your friend tried talking to her landlord? If not, she should write him a letter and make it official. Explain the situation and ask for more time. If he refuses to work with her, then at least she tried. If that route fails, I would suggest that she set up a PayPal account and ask for donations. Even a penny would help if enough people donated to her cause.
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tiger1958   in reply to Inspiration
I have a friend in vancover Washington that is being evected with 2 kids and no where to go . she owes 2800 in rent. can anybody help her out and god bless all
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I need money to pay rent. im a broke college student currently not able to attend school next semester because im in debt at another school. My mother passed away some years ago but my father spent all the money my mom left ME..
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I just got my 30 day to vacate premises email...I owe 2 months rent, electric is due, water is over due, has is beyond due and I work 2 jobs...where does my money go...GAS to get to work, food to eat and then it's is previous but I'm about done!
Talk to Firefighterlover
I and my husband are about to be evicted and reposes our truck. We were expecting an over payment from social security ,but just in a blink of an eye and after we moved 3 hours away social security flipped and now they are taking money away,all away. And we called 211 and there is no help in our county,NONE. I have never been homeless and very very scarred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am two months behind on my rent and I don't know how close I am to being evicted. I have not had gas on for 3 months so I have been taking cold baths. My number is 404-645-0183. I have called over 50 organizations and that includes churches. Can you please help?
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I am homeless and its getting colder now. I need help to pay my deposit for an apartment. I am also dis-abled. I need help, please
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My husband and I live in West Virginia with 2 children. We are falling behind greatly in our bills due to the maniac electric company sending $500 cut off notices every month for 3 months and a car that keeps breaking down. We work hard and feel so discouraged.we can not even break even. Any assistance would be welcome....Please help we are drowning
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my husband was in a bad car wreck may 9 2012,and he is pretty much bedridden,it was a hit and run he was on the job,and of course there was no workmans comp. and no medical
ins. we can"t even get everything he needs,bout to be evicted,and i was in the process of doing my disability,but in order for him to apply i had to put mine on hold,we have 3 kids.i don"t know what to do.i know christian are not suppose to worry god will not put more on you than you can handle but sometimes it is so hard.i just don"t know what to do.Please Help!
Talk to mb73
I need help paying for rent, car and electric. my husband was just in a bad car accident. He was on the job as a deputy going to a 911 call and someone hit him and he is now in rehab for months and because of this I lost my job as well. We have 5 kids we are trying to support. I just don't know what to do.
Talk to twhite201628
I need help with partial of my rent salvation army has agreed to pay $500 and we have to pay $306, and our electric is due to be cut off on thursday this is $260.51. my fiancee has just lost his job and awaiting for unemployment to start we had to apply for food stamps which we have not recieved the decision on that yet.Thank you
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My kids dad recently committed suicide, and I've been laid off and now evicted
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Heart_Whispers   in reply to SerenityAngel
Medi care or Medical with medical... and your local social service department have programs to help families that are in need of a little help..go apply wont hurt. they have emergency need as well. Do not know the general area you are so this is as best as I can do. You can apply online in most states.
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IM IN NEED OF A APARTMENT WHERE I DON'T NEED PERFECT CREDIT. I work full time, I just can't pass a credit check. I been on my job 10 yrs. Im a single parent of 4 children. I'm in college and my oldest is in college. I am not trying to beg I just need assistance in finding a clean, safe, apartment in a good area in Chicago.
Talk to phe
I am a 59 yrs women, I have struggle for five years sense my husband passing to handle all bills on my own have been juggling things, things are getting further and further behind,I can not pay it all, please need a helping hand. Sincerely May
Talk to lebourge
I am in a dier need of help with my rent ,cable an lights my husband passed away on May.3rd an have no kind of income he paid all the bills with SSI and I have been fighting for my SSI and disability for 2yrs.My husbands death was real soden his foot was hurting so bad i took him to the E>R> they life flighted him to Herman Hospital and less then 24hrs. he was gone we were married for this sept will be 13yrs. so if you can please find it in yourheart please help me i am trying my best to get stuff done like job i dont want to lose my apartment please please helpoh my GOD what am i going to do
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My cousin and her son is looking for low income housing. She can pay just not a lot. My cousin is a diabetic and have had both of her legs removed. Her son is 14 and just lost his father. They are living with her parents who are ill. Her mom has a feeding tube, trake in her throat and cannot speak. Her parents have to move inot an apartment themselves for health reasons. If anyone knows of any place in baltimore county please email me. I am trying to find them a place however it is difficult. My cousin has until the end of April to find a place or go to a shelter. May GOD Bless you.
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JosephW   in reply to JosephW
update: i have scrounged together some more money but still in need of over 1000$ to stop eviction in 24 hrs
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Hello, I figure this is a long shot as I know soooo many people are struggling but im out of options. I have resided in same apartment for over 5 yrs. I work but after being let go in December I fell behind and am currently 2 months behind in rent. Two children (5 and 11) and a girl friend (8yrs) plus myself in house. I have been trying to help the rest of my family such as my brother and "in-laws" while trying to keep roof over my head. Tukwila, WA is city of residence and everyone locally is "out" of funds. About to be evicted even though landlord is trying to be helpful. I have both my cars up for sale and sold things already, plus I went back to school and got AA degrees from local college. Please help if you can. I am out of options and places to turn. email is
Talk to JosephW
Hello, my boyfriend and I just had a baby, and move to the city we're he goes to school at. We both hard having a hard time trying to get a job, and has been struggling for two and a half months now. How can I receive help to catch up on rent and bills until one of us, at least, get a job?
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